Look, I’m tying to be reasonable here. But this is very eery the way our government is cranking out the propaganda machine with blogs, polls, and official commentary that supposedly “debunks” the “small number” of complaints about the outrageous TSA searches at airports. The official TSA Blog www.blog.tsa.gov is more interested in trying to call everyone who complains either a liar or hysterical complainer than investigating the behavior. What is worse is that the government propaganda ministers ominously challenge those who would criticize by saying “aren’t you concerned about your safety and the safety of other passengers?” It’s almost as if they are saying, “you are either with us, or against us; and by the way, we have the power and we are doing this for your own good, so don’t interfere, or else.”

The standard response from the TSA is “well, there are such a low number of complaints, we must be doing something right.” Is this good enough? I challenge you to go on YouTube or even Google and type “TSA strip search” and see the hundreds of postings of infuriating behavior by the Government agents at the airports. And yes, they are TSA Agents. Putting them in soothing blue uniforms does not change what they do or how they should be perceived. And them saying, “I’m just doing my job,” doesn’t make it right, either.

So what happens when some idiot terrorist blows up a mall, or a theater or a building with a car bomb? Does the TSA extend its authority to any form of transportation? Are we then going to have armored TSA vehicles roaming our streets and highways randomly pulling people over to search us and our vehicles in the name of “security.”

People say it could never happen, but did we ever think we would live to see the day when flying to North Dakota to hunt ducks automatically subjects you to a TSA strip search, naked scanner AND a civil fine of $11,000 if you do not “cooperate?”